A worldly travel consultant and professional for over 30 years, I bring not only others, but my own global travel portfolio of uniquely created, one of a kind adventures and experiences for my valued and trusted clientele.

Why am I unique for you? Because you demand it!

My easy going yet professional manner allows me to build close, trusting relationships with my clients, and more importantly, with you.  This relationship is the secret that provides valuable insights into what truly motivates you and everyone I am involved with.

My long standing accreditation with luxury travel suppliers around the world provides the resources from which I can draw to match you with the perfect travel experiences.  And the more we work together on new adventures, the more I grow to understand and anticipate your every travel and adventure wishlist!

No matter what your adventure may be.  What desire you have.  What experience you want to see and feel.  I will be there each step of the way to be sure you find it.  As your personal travel advisor - friendship, trust, loyalty, even a sense of family - are the very foundation of values that I bring to your next adventure!